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Our Values and Mission


River of Life Christian Centre is a local church that is part of the wider Church, which comprises of all Christian believers; together we make up 'His Church'. Everything we do individually and collectively in this local church is with the intent of working with Jesus as He builds His Church.


As a group of believers, we have decided to make River of Life Christian Centre 'Our Church'. This is our corporate identity.


The following points describe the journey we are on as a local church:

  • We are church large enough to make an impact in our community, yet small enough to be personal to you.

  • It is our desire to see Our Church grow and the building filled several times a week.

  • We are to be a charismatic Church. We expect to be empowered and equipped by the Spirit of God to live our lives and to fulfil our ministry.

  • We are a contemporary church. This means we communicate to our culture in a relevant way through every means available.

  • We are a mission-minded church. Missions at home and overseas.


Not only do we need to see this church collectively as 'Our Church', but to the individual it needs to be 'My Church'. We believe that God has created us as individuals and has given each person something unique to bring to the church. With this in mind, partners are encouraged to become personally involved and to use the gifts and talents God has given them.


To significantly influence our community

To bring hope, healing and salvation to the human heart

To equip people to be all they can be

To celebrate the life Jesus came to provide  

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