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DON’T, read this if you should be doing something more important.

Not a great way to start my first blog but, hey!

Why have I started with that opening? It’s simple really. In general we spend too much time on things that aren’t important and easily allow those things to fill our time. One thing that hasn’t changed since time began is the amount of time each of us have in a day.

We all have 24 hours or….. how ever many minutes that makes. Taking out time for essentials like sleep, work and family there’s not that much left, yet how often do we treat time as though we have an endless amount of it? It may come as a surprise to you as it did to me that whatever we don’t use today cannot be carried forward to tomorrow, once it’s gone - it’s gone. 

One year, as a Father’s Day gift my children bought a book with short encouraging messages for dad’s. One of the readings likened the time we have each day as money deposited into an account, the writer asked the following question, “What would you do if your bank account was credited with $86,400 a day each day?” There was a single condition, you couldn’t carry any unused amount over to the next day. The writer suggested we’d spend it, invest it and use it all up hopefully for good. He then drew the parallel to the amount of time we are given each day 86,400 seconds and left us with a question as to how we use our time.

So unless you have nothing left to do, go and do that, then come back and I’ll tell you about my future blogs.

First of all they will be a bit random but I hope eventually to have something to say about three areas of life. First, our spiritual life, as a Christian this is a vital area - in fact the most vital area, it’s the part of a person that is born again when they accepted Jesus as their Saviour. I’ll also write about the mind or the area known as the soul and finally things that effect us physically. The Bible teaches that these are all connected and one area has an affect on the other two. So whilst some blogs may be spiritual, others will be practical, sometimes I’ll share what I’m reading from the Bible, books and other people’s blogs and occasionally there’ll be things about church life and the work I’m involved in overseas. Oh, and I’ll try to keep them under 500 words.


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