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What to Expect at Our Services

Going to a place for the first time where most of the people know each other can be a little daunting. We hope that would never put you off from coming to visit us, and we promise to do all we can to minimise this and make you feel comfortable from the time you arrive until you leave. 

With that in mind, here’s what you can expect on any given Sunday:


Our service is quite simple. We start at 10:30am and aim to finish at 12:00 noon. During those 90 minutes, we sing a selection of songs led by our singers and musicians, pray for our country and any specific requests, receive a free will offering and hear upcoming church news. There’s often an opportunity for someone to encourage the church with a recent personal story - we call them 'testimonies'. Then we listen to a Bible-based message, which lasts for about 35 to 40 minutes. 

Part way through the main service, the children have a special session geared toward their age range.

Throughout the service, a creche facility is available. Parents with small children can take them there if needed, while continuing to participate in the service through the TV link.

After the service, we all gather for great coffee or tea and something to eat.

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